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A blog post or whitepaper is just one piece of your marketing pie, but it all

ladders up to your overall marketing plan. That's why I include marketing consultation with all my services to ensure that the service 

strategically aligns with your company's goals and objectives.

Although I've collaborated with everyone from a forensic anthropologist to a social media babysitter, my main focus is working with companies in the B2B technology and advertising/marketing/sales industries.

All services are provided by yours truly, Emily Dalamangas – and you

most likely won't find anyone else in the world with my name! I do not

outsource or subcontract your projects. I am the one behind the keyboard,

dotting every "i" and crossing every "t."

Copy & Content Writing


A blog helps to portray your company's authority and expertise. It also improves discovery in search engine results. My blog posts are customized to your tone-of-voice whether you're seeking corporate speak or conversational or witty. I'm adept at explaining complex themes in simple, jargon-free language.


Blogging may include:

  • Blog topic ideation and editorial calendar creation

  • Writing long- and short-form posts

  • Interviews with subject matter experts

  • Optimizing copy for SEO

  • Repurposing blog content for social media, podcasts, webinars, etc.

  • Experience with event/webinar recaps, guest blog posts, and executive ghostwritten blog posts

"Emily is a fantastic writer and knows how to ask the right questions to boil down a complex topic into something simple and easy to understand."

— Kathleen Ferrie, Vice President, Marketing, Silverline

Map of the midwest of the United States
Rolled up maps


Informational eBooks and white papers educate your potential and existing clients around a specific topic. They help them to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. These materials are written with expert knowledge and customized to your brand voice and audience.


eBooks and white papers may include:

  • Research conducted for facts and figures pulled from first- or third-party data with source links

  • Interviews with subject matter experts for pull quotes

  • Infographic support copy

  • Incorporation of existing SEO keywords

"She has a knack for synthesizing complex ideas into easy-to-understand narratives for a wide spectrum of audiences."

— Evan Kohn, CMO, Qatalog


Sponsored content resembles a publication's editorial content but is intended to promote an advertiser's product or service. I have an extensive background working in content marketing for media companies and understand balancing the article needs of the publication and the advertiser.


Sponsored articles may include:

  • Writing long- and short-form sponsored articles and advertorials

  • Interviews with subject matter experts

  • Experience with event/webinar recaps, Q&A's, and executive ghostwritten articles

"Working with Emily has made my job easier because of her writing quality, storytelling, professionalism, and punctuality."

— Isabelle Hahn, Content Marketing Manager, Qatalog

Map showing rivers
Map of the midwest of the United States


I produce content on behalf of your executive team to elevate their credibility and authority in the thought leadership space. The writing captures the executive's tone, voice, and personality as if they were writing it themselves.


Executive ghostwriting is available for:

  • Articles in industry and trade publications

  • Guest blog posts

  • LinkedIn articles

  • Company newsletters and intranet

  • Rewriting of an existing content piece in parts or in whole with improved concept, structure, and clarity

"I can attest to how amazing Emily Dalamangas is with executive ghostwriting! She is a perfect listener and the content she produces is spot on, in your voice. We look forward to working with Emily again!"

— Rebecca Twitchell, President & Founder, half full, llc

B2B Sales Enablement


Sales enablement is supporting a sales team with the marketing materials and tools they need to effectively sell products or services to your prospects. For 20 years, I worked with B2B advertising sales teams to help them drive revenue and enhance brand awareness.


I equip your sales team with:

  • Case studies

  • Proactive and reactive proposals

  • Pitch decks

  • Sell sheets

  • Emails and newsletters

"Thanks for all of your work on this Emily. It looks great!"

— CEO of a media company

Rolled up maps
Map showing rivers


I edit blog posts, emails, whitepapers, case studies, website copy, and other types of B2B writing. Editing can be done with an internal style guide or with the AP Stylebook.


Copy editing may include:

  • Copy editing includes a review of the first draft of copy for grammar, spelling, and punctuation plus flow, tone, and clarity 

  • Proofreading is the review of a final version of copy that has already been edited for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This service can include checking of layout, graphics, links, etc. depending on the piece to be proofed

  • Rewriting of an existing content piece in parts or in whole with improved concept, structure, and clarity

"Emily has improved the quality of copy created across the team, ensuring that it is not only consistent with our style guide, but also brand and on message."

— Lanier Norville, Director of Content Marketing, Tricentis

Copy editing
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