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"Emily is a fantastic writer, and knows how to ask the right questions to boil down a complex topic into something simple and easy to understand. Emily easily adapts to different industries and delivers high-quality work in a timely manner. Emily is always on top of her communication and sets clear expectations for timelines. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an expert writer and content creator."

Kathleen Ferrie, Vice President, Marketing, Silverline

I help organizations get 'on the map' by writing about topics related to
B2B technology and advertising/marketing/sales, including:

adtech and martech
advertising operations

data management and governance
machine identity management
publishing and media
sales enablement platforms
software testing

Below are some recent examples of my work for Tricentis, Silverline,
SalesloftAdMonsters, Campaign, and other leading brands.

Not seeing what you're looking for?
I've written over a hundred marketing pieces and
can share additional examples with you. 

Blog Posts


Digitization, Digitalization, & Digital Transformation: What’s the Difference?



Feeling like you belong is important, even at work



What is a Sales Engagement Platform? Let’s Debunk Some Myths



Why Ad Sales Strategy is Undergoing a Massive Transformation

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The critical themes influencing CMO decisions: DEI, sustainability, and talent


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mHealth innovation: Identifying the best patient-centered technology for clinical trials


Whitepapers & E-Guides


Begin with the End: When Building the Ideal Data Stack, Focus on Business
Outcomes Before Tech Functionality


6 Strategies Top Performers Use to Double Response Rates



The case of the missing DevOps testing strategy:
Follow the clues to reveal the path to maturity



How to deliver high quality analytical and operational data: 3 best practices

Case Studies


Closing the Gaps: Implementing a Modern Data Platform



Transforming Samba TV’s sales platform to better align with its needs



Implementing Salesforce Gives GreenState Credit Union Better Member Visibility


A leading online retailer automates the testing of its facilities management application

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