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How did On the Map Marketing LLC put your business 'on the map'?

"What struck me the most about our experience with Emily was how much she listened to us.  When we first spoke, I told her all of the things I would like to do for the business from a marketing standpoint. It was overwhelming to say the least! 


Emily helped me focus on one goal and within just a few days, she came back to me with a comprehensive plan to accomplish that goal.  She had read as much of our content as she could get hers hands on and literally spoke our language in the content she created herself. 

To have a proactive, strategic and trusted partner to work with was refreshing and awesome."

Where 'on the map' do you want to go next?

Wherever the next 15 years of this business brings us!

Rebecca Twitchell

President & Founder

half full, llc

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half full is a 15-year-old organization specializing in Forwards that help individuals overcome obstacles in the way of their perceived impossible. half full does not use the word “retreat” to describe their Forwards since that word can mean to move back, to recoil.
The Women's Forward is a weekend of goal setting, action planning, and one-on-one coaching. half full was looking to raise awareness and drive attendance for the Women's Forward. half full was presented with a variety of creative solutions and selected these three projects for execution:
Woman's Forward Website
Revamped the Women's Forward event page with new site messaging that is engaging and persuasive.
Added new sections with past attendee testimonials and an FAQ (Forward Answered Questions).
Created a simplified path to purchase for a better user experience
Produced creative promotions for discounts and rewards to create urgency and move the needle from consideration to sale.
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Taking a Left with Rebecca
E-Newsletters and Happenings Blog
Taking a Left with Rebecca is an e-newsletter series that tells the story of half full founder Rebecca Twitchell's trials and triumphs of living with only two fully developed fingers on her left hand. 
Each e-newsletter had a “cliffhanger” where readers were directed to the Women’s Forward site to finish reading the story on the Happenings Blog.
The stories related back to the Women’s Forward themes about goal setting, professional development, etc. and provide an ongoing personal conversation leading up to the Forward. 
The six newsletters drove steady traffic to the Women's Forward site with an average open rate of 24% and a CTR of 14%.
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LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
Sponsored InMail are message ads that show in LinkedIn messages.
Designed an InMail campaign targeting an audience of women and HR professionals to attend the Women's Forward for professional development.
InMail recipients were given promo codes and directed to a custom landing page on the half full site.
Open rates and click to open rates exceeded industry benchmarks.
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