Grandma's Love, Inc.

On the Map Marketing LLC
  • Marketing consultation
  • Website design with Wix
  • Website content
  • Facebook posts
  • Event promotion
  • Brochure creation
Grandma's Love, Inc. is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization that is committed to combating childhood hunger and promoting literacy in communities throughout New York City. 
Grandma's Love, Inc. is a small operation that lacks the resources to effectively market themselves. On the Map Marketing LLC provided marketing consultation for the organization to help raise awareness in the community, increase donations, and promote its first fundraising efforts.  
The existing Grandma's Love website was out-of-date, disorganized, and lacked a call-to-action to donate. The revamped Grandma's Love site provides a better user experience with a more engaging layout, clearer copy, a prominent donation section, and up-to-date news and information. Visitor traffic has increased since the new site launch.
The Grandma's Love Inc. Facebook page had many followers but they were not interacting with the lackluster content. Copy and images for posts were executed in the proper social media format and used a consistent tone and voice. The Facebook page now has more page views and page likes and posts see engagement with comments and sharing. 
Marketing efforts for the first Grandma's Love fundraising event included a dedicated landing page
pop-up banner, flyer, and social media.
On the Map Marketing LLC created an informative Grandma's Love brochure including ideation, copywriting, and design.  
Marketing support for Grandma's Love is ongoing so check back here for the latest projects.
Old Homepage
New Homepage
Old Donation Page
New Donation Page
On the Map Marketing LLC

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