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"I'm a small business in a very niche market. I know nothing about marketing but knew that I needed help in that area in order to better show what I can do and how I can help. Emily took a jumble of information about me and my business and organized it into an amazing site and a logo that I love. She took the time to really understand my complex business and knew how to best illustrate my information in a way that is clear and compelling."

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Dr. Kristen Hartnett-McCann


Forensic Anthropology Services llc

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Forensic Anthropology Services llc provides assistance with the analysis of skeletal remains for identification purposes or trauma analyses. The company is owned and operated by Dr. Kristen Hartnett-McCann, a board-certified forensic anthropologist working in the New York metropolitan area.

Forensic Anthropology Services llc had a plain looking site with black text on a white background and a few random photos. The business needed a more professional looking site that would better reflect its services and showcase Dr. Hartnett-McCann's qualifications. A new logo provided an essential visual symbol of the business.


The new site informs and educates with:

  • A cleaner layout, defined sections, and engaging design

  • Credentials and an explanation of what "board-certified" entails supports Dr. Hartnett-McCann's authority on forensic anthropology

  • News section detailing Dr. Hartnett-McCann's latest accomplishments

  • Learning section providing a resource for students and others interested in forensic anthropology

  • Press mentions highlighting Dr. Hartnett-McCann's outstanding reputation